A few years ago in Sydney (not long after my second miscarriage) I signed up for an 8 week evening course "Get Your Shit Together". It is fair to say that today, my shit is definitely not together! I'm back in a funk. Sleepless nights, crying, lots of anger. It could be that my period … Continue reading G-Y-S-T

Prueba de Embarazo

It means Pregnancy Test in Spanish! I bought 2 yesterday, because I know I won't be able to hold out the full 2 week wait! Today is my last day in Spain, tonight I fly to Tokyo via a few hours in Istanbul. I'm looking forward to getting stuck in to work, and catching up … Continue reading Prueba de Embarazo

Looks like another failed attempt

Today is 7dp5dt. I caved and did a POAS yesterday, BFN. Went out and purchased an early response test, tried it first thing this morning, also BFN. Spent an hour reading stories where BFNs later because BFPs, but I just don't think that's the case for me. This means there is only one frozen embryo … Continue reading Looks like another failed attempt