Accidentally telling the boss!

Last week I was at a conference in Vancouver. Our Global CEO was there too. We had a meeting about some work matters. At the end he told me he wanted to talk about something personal. He told me he knows about my personal situation and wanted to let me know he’s there if I want to talk about things.

Hold up. What?! He knows?

My mind was racing. Who has told him? And why? And when? Only a very limited number of work colleagues know about my IVF journey.

I asked him 3 times if he was definitely talking about my deeply personal situation. And each time, he confirmed. He was looking me right in the eyes.

The fourth question from me I said “You mean the IVF and the pregnancies?” To which he replied “Uh….no!”

Oops!!!! He had no idea! Zero! He was talking about those work jitters I got back in September/October when I was considering my resignation.

We laughed (awkwardly) and agreed that this was a topic of conversation for another time, not in the middle of a convention centre!

He told me he’s learnt an important lesson, never to assume you know everything! And I’ve learned that even if someone tells you they know everything, perhaps they don’t!

Of all the people to tell, the Global CEO is not ideal, but, he’s such a great guy, a true supporter of women, diversity and inclusion. He is very liberal and I’m sure he wouldn’t bat an eyelid if he knew the full details. In a way, this little Oops moment has brought us closer!

This is not a topic for our corporate newsletter!

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