Tears at 40,000 feet

What is it about flying that turns me in to a blubbering wreck as soon as we reach cruising altitude? The cheesiest of inflight movies has me sobbing. I used to think it was the copious red wine I drank pre-flight, but I’ve cut that out and am still an emotional wreck! Perhaps it’s the air pressure? This time I’m on the 14 hour flight to London. It was hard to say Goodbye to my parents, even though I’m seeing Mum in 2 weeks and Dad next month. I worry about them. They are getting older, and I know we won’t all be around forever. I don’t want to wish away my time, but I often wish I could fast foreword until the time when I have a healthy child. I see how happy they are with my nephew and how he has changed their world, and I feel guilty that I haven’t given them grandchildren. I hate feeling like a failure and disappointing the people I love.

I’m staying tonight with my brother, sister in law and my 1 year old nephew. Can’t wait to see my nephew again, I’m biased, but he is perfect!

Tomorrow…Barbados! Hopefully I am all cried out for now!

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